How to know when one goes away or it is returned, how to know which is the obverse and reverse, who is the “Self” located between the past and the future. The human being, here, like the old double-fronted God of Roman mythology, "Janus", here is stopped in the threshold, always seeing what was and what there will be to be.

It is indeed the bi-frontality the one that determines the name of this serie: Doors of Light, astral gates that represent the individual in the Momentum, from where this one contemplate their past and yearn for their future; thresholds of the knowledge that force the spectator to look for their gnostic space to define their temporality and to confront it with their reality, and, at the same time, invites to us to travel by all those fears, hopes, good and bad memories without any type of moral classification.

The spectator is faced as such form that seemed to penetrate in the work thanks, as much to the selection of the techniques and the transparency of the used material, like by the disposition of the piece; suspended by metallic wires or placed on its edge against the wall, allowing the contemplation by both faces, their bi-frontality.